What do I do before my first appointment?

Before your first appointment, follow the link for New Patient Forms and fill out your new patient paperwork. As a new bariatric patient, you will also need to fill out our Nutrition Questionnaire. Completing these forms before your visit saves valuable time in our office. PLEASE NOTE, you will not be checked-in for your appointment until all paperwork has been returned to our receptionist. By bringing in your completed paperwork, you can be checked-in immediately upon your arrival.

New Patient Forms

Nutrition Questionnaire

Is Turnquest Surgical Solutions Hiring?

Check back frequently for job postings. Currently, we are seeking someone for the following position(s): Turnquest Surgical Solutions is not currently hiring. Please check back frequently.

What Medicare plans do you accept for bariatric surgery?

Turnquest Surgical Solutions accepts CignaHealthSpring, Texan Plus, Texan Value and Traditional Medicare plans for bariatric surgeries. We do NOT accept any Amerigroup, Amerivantage or other Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurances.

When will I find out insurance requirements for my bariatric surgery?

While we encourage you to call your insurance company to find out any requirements you may have to complete before bariatric surgery, we will discuss any insurance requirements with you upon your initial consultation with our office.

How long after the initial consultation will it take to have my weight loss surgery?

This depends on how many dietitian visits and other criteria your insurance requires before they will approve your surgery. These must be completed before the surgery can be scheduled.

After I have completed my insurance criteria, how long is the wait until my weight loss surgery date?

After all steps have been completed it can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to have your surgery approved by your insurance company and to schedule the surgery itself.

My insurance requires that I complete a 90 day diet regimen. Who do I complete this with?

Our office has a dietitian on staff that you may choose to see. If your insurance has a 90 day diet requirement, you will need to see a dietitian once a month for three months. Each of these visits must be in consecutive months.

My insurance checklist says that I need an upper endoscopy and a gallbladder ultrasound. When will this be done?

Our office will be in contact to schedule these procedures with you once you have been approved for weight loss surgery.

If my insurance does not cover the diagnosis and treatment of Morbid Obesity, can Dr. Turnquest diagnose me with a different condition in order to have my bariatric procedure approved?

No. In order to be covered by insurance for weight loss surgery, they must cover the diagnosis and treatment of morbid obesity.

What can I eat/drink after my weight loss surgery?

How do I prepare for my EGD and/or Ultrasound?

Generally, there is nothing to eat or drink after 12:01 am on the morning of your surgery. One of Turnquest Surgical Solutions’ medical assistants will contact you prior to your surgery date and go over complete and detailed instructions with you.

Does Dr. Turnquest perform tummy tucks?

Dr. Turnquest performs the panniculectomy procedure on patients who have had a weight loss surgery performed by him previously. In other words, he does not perform this procedure on new patients.

Can I drop off/pick up paper work, vitamins, etc. in the office when I do not have an appointment?

Yes, you may drop off or pick up paper work, purchase vitamins and supplements or schedule office visits in person. However, please be advised, our Willowbrook location is only staffed on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Turnquest Surgical Solutions accepts Medicaid insurance for general surgery procedures but does NOT for bariatric procedures.

I have Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork that needs to be filled out for my long or short term disability request at work. What do I do with it?

Please obtain the appropriate paperwork and fax or bring it into our office. Please allow one week for the paperwork to be completed. The cost is $25.

After my surgery, when will I need to come in to see Dr. Turnquest?

Your first Post-Operative appointment should be scheduled approximately 7-10 days after your surgery. Please call our office to schedule this appointment in advance of your surgery date if at all possible.